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In response to our client’s needs, IMC/JCP has developed an extensive range of Costume Management services that allow our clients to easily use their costumes, take full advantage of their potential, and extend their life span. Outlined below is the basic scope of services we provide to help our clients maximize their mascot investment.
  • Online Costume Requests & Costume Scheduling via our website
  • Storage of all costumes and shipping cases
  • A thorough cleaning of the costumes after every event (this includes spot treatment, steam cleaning, laundering, and deodorizing)
  • Regular Detailed Inspection of the costumes (with additional estimates provided on necessary major repairs or replacement items)
  • Included Minor Repairs (attention paid to elements suffering from normal wear and tear)
  • Organized Dispatch and Logistical Services for costumes to/from events worldwide
  • A Prompt Turnaround of all costumes (between events)
  • Responsibility for all roundtrip shipping arrangements and tracking of costumes to and from their events

IMC/JCP provides an online component with our Costume Management service. This means all “Costume Appearance Requests” may be submitted securely online via our website.  IMC/JCP will maintain an Online Costume Schedule for your company, with details on all your events and available costume inventories. All representatives affiliated with your costume programs will have access to this system from anywhere in the world 24/7 – 365 days a year!  Our Online System integrates the “scheduling” and “dispatch” of your costumes which includes web based access to costume availability, appearance requests, and detailed event activity reports. Additionally, our online system offers e-mail notification to confirm submitted requests, as well as providing tracking information on all costume shipments. 

Our simple online approach provides:

  • User-Friendly Access
  • Detailed Event Records
  • Market Information & Event Data (at-a-glance)
…for all your costume inventories…with minimal time investment involved.
Remember, the goal of our costume management services is to make your character programs and event co-ordination as easy as possible. By ensuring all costumes get there when they need to and look their best for each appearance, we take the burden off of you; so you can focus on other business, yet still maximize the value of the mascot costumes.
Phone:  631.537.5747